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No-brainer dog training in only 15-20 minutes a day

Does Your Dog Have Some Habits You'd Like To Fix... IF Only You Knew How?

Now you can get professional dog training results, without the ?platinum? fees? and become the owner of a happy, relaxed dog in just weeks!

Discover the powerful dog training secrets to eliminate common behavioral dog and puppy issues such as these:

How to keep your dog out of the kitchen

Even the most adorable pooch can get into dangerous and destructive mischief in your kitchen. Why not train him to stay out? Now you can? an expert dog trainer shows you how to in a dog training video.

How to stop your dog chewing the leash

Some dogs hate being restrained. And yet you want to keep your dog on a leash sometimes ? for obvious reasons. Teach him to not chew on his leash.

How to teach your dog to swim

Are you struggling with trying to teach your dog to swim? Watch as an expert trainer teaches a dog to swim, using techniques you can replicate at home even if you?ve never trained dogs before.

How to train/calm problem dogs ? barkers, growlers, and biters

Do you have a dog that?s almost impossible to walk down the street because she pulls so hard and wants to chase cars? Or you are trying to train an older dog... or one that snaps or bites at the slightest provocation?

Or perhaps you have a dog that is terrified of other people, or barks at everything and anything?

Many dog owners will have experienced dogs that are aggressive towards strangers, children and anyone?

This training will show you how you calm your dog using language your dog understands... This means you will be equipped to help your dog in stressful situations.

How to stop your dog chewing your furniture

Does your dog get mischievous and want to munch your furniture? Watch how a professional dog trainer uses a simple technique to eliminate this problem.

This training in addition covers all basic dog training lessons including:

  • teaching your dog his/her name
  • teaching your dog the sit command
  • teaching your dog to come when called
  • teaching your dog the stay command
  • teaching your dog the lie down command
  • teaching your dog not to jump up on people
  • teaching your dog to heel
  • getting your dog to go to his room when visitors come
  • and lots more

  • Now you can say goodbye to the stress of dog ownership, and begin to enjoy all of the upside. All it takes is this first step.

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